It's like a game too. Just for fun, and maybe a little profit for the developer ;)

In all seriousness, (which we will keep to an extreme minimum throughout all of our adventures at GameTapped)     This site is being created as an outlet for 01 programmer who wants to broaden his network and polish his skills.  So called 'skills' in this case, may be closely equal to the amount of 'seriousness' that we will encompass.

If you are wondering, "What is GameTapped?"
    I can answer this for you. It's the website name I chose based on what was cheaply available ($14.99/yr). It includes both the word 'game' and 'app' which I thought might be 'seo friendly'. Although, appazoid.com would have been my first choice. It is available for a premium $50k USD on godaddy.com... Unfortunately, that returns 'nil' when attempting to subtract from 'self.bankaccount' - Though, apparently so does $14.99... Hmm.... must be a bug. I used my credit card until I can figure it out.

"Is GameTapped, like, technologically advanced or something?"
    I hear this question a lot in my head, but no one has asked me directly. In short, the answer is no, and yes.
There are lots of technologies available for creating websites. This site is going to be really simple, so it's currently running on a free HTML5 template from https://templated.co/, which will be worked on as a starting point. No heavy overhead of a front-end CMS, better security, less maintenance. I will hand-code with love, and care. Eventually though, I have other plans. The entire server is rooted by yours truly, so the options are endless. We are also from another planet.

Did you even read any of that ramble?

THIS is why we are GameTapped. Because website development is boring.

Games are fun.

Do you want to play?