GameTapped Multi-Platform Applications

We haven't created any apps yet.

We like Apps too!

We have some old Javascript programs, we would like to redo in HTML5 - the old versions could use a serious face lift.

They are planned, but not expected to be completed soon.

We Haz No Apps


App Making

Making cool Apps.

We know that apps are very useful, but can they also be profitable?

App Disection

What's an App?

An App, is short for "Application". In this sense it is basically just a computer program.

Most people these days think of Apps as a computer program they can access with a mobile device.

Most people are correct.

Apps vs Games

Apps should be fun too! Some purpose driven applications are all purpose, and no fun. They are missing what we love the most.

The best Apps have a much less clear line between App / Game.

APP All the Things!

We haven't created any apps yet... This has been said already.