GameTapped Development

We make things. This section will be one of them.

Programming for Fun

We enjoy it, for some reason. It's fun. Like games.

This section will discuss some fun things that programming can do, such as
// Update our Giant Laser world damage
function clientCmdUpdateGiantLaserWorldDamage( %position, %radius){
  destroyPlayersInArea(%position, %radius);
  destroyVehiclesInArea(%position, %radius);
  destroyPropsInArea(%position, %radius);
  applyWorldDamageDecal(%postion, %radius, "GiantLaser");
  breakAllWindowsInArea(%position, %radius);

We MAKE Free Games

Because programming, and games are fun - we must make our own.

But give us some time.

Play some free games while you wait!

Games in Development

We are making cool games, and other things too.

Our first game you can already play now in our free games section, with a handful of other simple games.

We plan to build and publish for Android, and iOS - perhaps other platforms too. For now, we'll just show them off here :)

In addition to games, we have some other websites that have popular JavaScript apps, which we plan to redo in "game-like" HTML5.

Start Your Engines!

Game Engines help make cool games.

Picture of Game Engine Logos

Unity, Unreal, Torque3d, CryEngine, Defold, GameMaker, Lumberyard, on and on. There are a lot of these!.

In this section We may review a handful of FREE game engines, like Defold.

Programming Nostalgia

QBasic, anyone?

Old QBasic Home Screen

Yes yes. I remember that like it was yester-year. Some games that we make, might be based on those old memories.

Game Development Projects

Here we will get into the "nitty-gritty" of our game development projects.

As mentioned throughout this blog, video game development is a new adventure for us. Though I have made simple games in the past, using C++, Klik n Play, Visual Basic, JavaScript, and other basic scripting. They were very simple, and created just to learn programming and have fun. They were also done many years ago, and forever forgotten now. Basically, this is all new.

We have been making games!

Check out Our First Game made with Defold

Our First Game Published on Google Play

Slots Mini-Game (unfinished)

Our First Roblox Game

More to be listed soon!

Making More Games

There are lots of ideas stacking up, but only little time available and zero funding. So even though we wish it were ALL fun and games, we must ensure the household bills are paid, and little mouths are fed. If you plan to continue this adventure with us and see where it leads, then you will find more games and apps from GameTapped, relatively soon.

We really like learning - sometimes even more than playing. So come back here and see how we are doing, and let's learn some new things together.