Using Defold for Game and APP Development

The right game engine for small studios, and quick production.

What sold us on Defold was it's tailoring towards small game studios, and quick production of games. For a single developer, the studio size does not get any smaller. Plus we were not really "sold" on it - because it's FREE.

Not only is it free, it is also Royalty Free! 

It comes from King who is royal enough on his own, to not need your royalties too. ;)

Additionally, the learning curve of some other game engines, ruled them out due to time constraint factors. They are also too "mainstream" -  and we like to be different, sometimes even on the cutting edge.


Defold is a game engine designed for making 2d games.

Even though at it's core, it's really a 3d game engine, and can do many things that most all of the other game engines can do. It is not limited to 2d games - but it is particularly suited to them.
Why you no 3d?
As cool as it would be to make some robust, immersive 3D rpg game; Knowing the extra time it takes to work with even simple 3d objects, rules that out as an attainable goal, for now. 2D game objects are much easier to work with and they can be edited faster, with simpler tools.

 There are many more quality free 2D game assets available throughout the internet, and if artists must be hired - they are much more abundant. You could even probably make  your own art.

2d is the quickest way to get started making games; without having to worry about modeling, texturing, and rendering in 3D, which is a whole 'nother dimension.