Blocky Warrior

A Fighting Action Puzzler? What what?

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You can play Blocky Warrior at the bottom of this review. It's matching puzzle game with some interesting mechanics to increase difficulty.


Blocky Warrior Screenshots

GameTapped Rating:

Category Rating
Game Play Mechanics 8/10
Multimedia and Effects 7/10
Ease of Understanding 7/10
Educational Factor 2/10
Fun and Excitement
Fun and Excitement 8/10
Addictive Influence 6/10

Judges Ratings:

Judge Likes / Dislikes Rating
JJ Wasn't interested. Guess what game he DID want to play? 1/5
JC Liked the game but was not fast enough to do well. 2/5
MJ Liked the game mechanics, thought tiles were too small on phone. 4/5
DJ Enjoyed the neat concept, not a fan of these puzzlers though. 4/5

Additional Comments:

Blocky Warrior is not your ordinary boring puzzle game. It's a unique and challenging tile-matching puzzle game with some very interesting extra game mechanics.

As you match the tiles, you are limited in how much time you have. Not by a clock, but rather by an opponent beating you up! You must defend yourself by matching shield icons, heal yourself with hearts, and attack with the wrath of multi-matched lighting. It's pretty fun, and that is what we like. Go have some fun!

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