Color Pin

Be Quick! This game challenges your tap reaction times.

Here are the results from our GameTapped review of Color Pin.

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GameTapped Rating:

Category Rating
GamePlay Game Play Mechanics 6/10
Media Multimedia and Effects 7/10
Instructions Ease of Understanding 8/10
Educational Educational Factor 2/10
Fun and Excitement Fun and Excitement 5/10
Addictiveness Addictive Influence 6/10

Judges Ratings:

Judge Likes / Dislikes Rating
JJ Could only beat the first level, but liked the color wheel. 2/5
JC Was very frustrated by game, but liked colors and sounds. 3/5
MJ Liked the game concept, but had frustrating game lag. 4/5
DJ Did not like lag issue, but thought it was an ok game. 2/5

Additional Comments:

Color Pin is a very challenging game where you must pin the matching colored pin to it's respective part of the color wheel. The main challenge, is that the pin heads can not touch any other pins, or the level is failed. Your reaction time must be very fast in order to successfully land the pin colors.

The instructions did not display correctly for us, but the game was easy to figure out. As the levels progress they get more difficult. It is much harder when a few pins are added in advance, the colors are broken up more, and the wheel spins faster. The HTML5 version had a little bit of lag sometimes, that made the wheel jump around and incorrectly place pins.

How far can you get?

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