Doctor Teeth

A game where dental hygeine is important, for both people and animals. :D

Here are the results from our GameTapped review of Doctor Teeth.

You can play Doctor Teeth at the bottom of this review to start pulling teeth and drilling cavities.


  • This game did not win any awards.
Doctor Teeth Screenshots

GameTapped Rating:

Category Rating
GamePlay Game Play Mechanics 4/10
Media Multimedia and Effects 6/10
Instructions Ease of Understanding 7/10
Educational Educational Factor 5/10
Fun and Excitement Fun and Excitement 6/10
Addictiveness Addictive Influence 4/10

Judges Ratings:

Judge Likes / Dislikes Rating
JJ Liked the drill the most, and fighting the germs. 4/5
JC Liked pretending to be a dentist, and clean the patients teeth. 4/5
MJ Did not like the sounds, but though it was nice for the kids. 3/5
DJ Did not like random order of cleaning, or game glitch out. 2/5

Additional Comments:

Doctor Teeth is an interesting game, mostly for younger children - but the adults also found themselves interested in it's game play. The cartoon graphics were impressive, and the game had some interesting mini-games and puzzles for when you pulled a tooth, or filled a cavity. This is a good game to get the kids interested in dental hygein, and has some educational factor to that effect.

Unfortunately, this game glitches on the raccoon level - leaving you unable to complete the dental work or progress any further. Which is a bummer, because it is fun up to that point.

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