Fox Adventurer

To get the gems, and the key, sly like Fox you must be.

Here are the results from our GameTapped review of Fox Adventurer.

You can play Fox Adventurer at the bottom of this review for a good challenge to your puzzle solving skills.


Fox Adventurer Screenshots

GameTapped Rating:

Category Rating
GamePlay Game Play Mechanics 8/10
Media Multimedia and Effects 8/10
Instructions Ease of Understanding 6/10
Educational Educational Factor 4/10
Fun and Excitement Fun and Excitement 6/10
Addictiveness Addictive Influence 5/10

Judges Ratings:

Judge Likes / Dislikes Rating
JJ Didn't know what to do, but liked the fox. 1/5
JC Also liked the fox, but lost interest quickly. 2/5
MJ Fun to play, not bad. Probably would not play more though. 3/5
DJ Thought the game was an interesting puzzler. 4/5

Additional Comments:

Fox Adventurer is a challenging puzzle solving game with increasingly difficult puzzles to solve. The fox in this game has a consitent back and forth movement. You must make him jump, drop blocks, press buttons, switch out platforms, all while trying to obtain 3 precious gems from each level. To complete the level you must gather the key to unlock the gate.

The puzzles can be very challenging, so this game is not really great for the younger kids, as they had a hard time understanding them. Even the adults were sometimes frustrated by the puzzles - but that is part of the fun, believe it or not :)

If you are up for the challenge:

Play Fox Adventurer