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This is the whole point of our site. Because games are fun.

Featured Game

Schooling Fish, is an infinite side-scroller that has you venture out as a small school of fish into the dangerous coral reef.

The Schooling Fish game was created for testing, as we venture into the world of video game development. It was meant to be simple, fun, and, family friendly.

The instructions area as follows:
Breath... Eat.... Don't get eaten by sharks.

This game is still in development, but you can PLAY THE ALPHA VERSION anyway!

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These games are not created by GameTapped, but we have made them available on our site. We've also started a scientific review process for each game. As we bring you the latest games, we will also ensure that we play each one. You know... In the name of science... and fun. :)

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About our Game Reviews

GameTapped Game Review System

Must Haves

  • Free to Play
  • Playable on Multiple Devices
  • Kid / Family Friendly Content

Bonus Points

  • Neurological connection while making in-game movements, causing real life twitching, jumping, tongue or lip biting, etc.
  • Creating vocal outbursts towards the game, either positive or negative.
  • Causing a weeping and gnashing of teeth when "game time" is over.


  1. General Game Mechanics
  2. Presentation of Audio and Imagery
  3. Ease of Understanding
  4. Intellectual Concepts
  5. Excitability and Engagement
  6. Addictiveness


Game Comparison Algorithm

Our algorithm is extremely advanced.
We use a refined protocol of observation to determine the level of fun in each game.

All games are fun, to some extent. Each fun level is outlined below:

We can't disclose any more information about our algorithm.

Panel Of Judges

Judge JJ

JJ is just a beginner when it comes to video games, and his comprehension and motor skills are not yet fully developed. He is a quick learner though, and usually watches the other judges first, in order to understand the games. He favors dinosaurs, and chocolate milk.

Judge JC

JC enjoys playing video games, a lot - sometimes too much. He has been playing for a couple of years now when he is allowed. His motor skills and hand-eye coordination have greatly improved, and he is starting to learn to read (books). He favors building blocks, and things with wheels.

Judge Momma-J

They say that "momma don't play", but here at GameTapped that is not true. (Unless you mess with the other Judges) This judge does play videos games. Though she did adventure through Azeroth in her younger days - She now mostly enjoys puzzlers, hidden object games, and solitaire.

Judge Daddy-J

Each game will be reviewed by veteran gamer, Daddy-J, prior to being released to the other judges. He will observe the other judges, and ask questions about their game-play to determine how much fun they are having. The results will then be computed for ratings.

Mission of Game Reviews

"I am always working on this or that, and feel like I do not spend enough time with my kids. They are excluded from it. I wanted to include them in something we could do together. Video games are fun, and can be educational - even for adults. We all just want to have some fun together, and learn new things along the way - that is our mission.