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You can play Little Alchemy at the bottom of this review. It's an interesting game with lots of possibilities.


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GameTapped Rating:

Category Rating
GamePlay Game Play Mechanics 4/10
Media Multimedia and Effects 2/10
Instructions Ease of Understanding 3/10
Educational Educational Factor 6/10
Fun and Excitement Fun and Excitement 3/10
Addictiveness Addictive Influence 1/10

Judges Ratings:

Judge Likes / Dislikes Rating
JJ Was not interested at all. 0/5
JC Liked mixing and making new elements. 4/5
MJ Does not fancy this type of game. 2/5
DJ Enjoyed the concept, but found it a tad boring. 2/5

Additional Comments:

The Little Alchemy game is actually quite large. There are 500+ total possible elements to create, starting with only 4 base elements.

In this game, you must mix and match these elements to make new elements. Though sometimes there did not seem to be much reason behind which elements combined. This left us, guessing at combinations, and trying to remember which ones we had done already - which was quite challenging. Challenge yourself:

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