Soccer Madness

A 2D cartoon-like soccer game, where you are the star!

Here are the results from our GameTapped review of Soccer Madness.

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  • This game did not win any awards.
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GameTapped Rating:

Category Rating
GamePlay Game Play Mechanics 2/10
Media Multimedia and Effects 2/10
Instructions Ease of Understanding 5/10
Educational Educational Factor 2/10
Fun and Excitement Fun and Excitement 3/10
Addictiveness Addictive Influence 2/10

Judges Ratings:

Judge Likes / Dislikes Rating
JJ We thought he would like this game, but he was not interested. 1/5
JC Did not like the game at all. 1/5
MJ Thought it was ok - didn't like goal shot mechanics. 2/5
DJ Liked making goals, but did not like blocking them. 2/5

Additional Comments:

Soccer Madness is a 2d cartoon soccer game pitting you against rivals who try to "Bamn" the ball away from. If they pick it up, you must block thier shots at your goal. If you make it to the goal line, you are prompted to press a button to take your goal shot. But be careful! The bar moves fast, and it is very difficult to get it stopped in the space required to make or block a goal.

It's too bad that it is so difficult, we think that is what deterred the kids from enjoying it more than they did, and it was a tad too cartoonish fo the adults.

None-the-less, it is still good for 5-10 minutes of fun! :)

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