What's new at GameTapped?

Precisely, everything.

Bending Space and Time to See the Future!

Can it be done?

Yes. GameTapped has verified through a private analysis of our traveling and communications systems, that time travel is in fact possible.

There are many games where distant galaxies are traveled between, instantaneously. This happens at rate of lightyears*infinity

animated space time traveling

Believe it or not, every organism time travels, automatically, every 1/1096  of a second; without feeling it, or knowing that it happened.

We Haz Free Games

Because games are fun. We must include them here.

Free HTML5 games that can be be played directly in your web-browser, without needing to download, install, or use additional plugins.

Read our reviews, and check them out!

Blocky Warrior
Fox Adventurer
Cowboys vs Martians
Fantasy Star Pinball

Game making

Making cool games.

The ultimate form of computer programming. I see people doing this professionally, and wonder - how? Is it really possible to make games and make money?

If you are making games, you must be playing your own games at some point. So, is game making like, a career playing video games?

If so, I am definitely changing careers, now.

Game Modding

Making cool games, cooler.

There are too many games out there to cover them all. We can enlighten on particular games in our focus right now, and others when we get into them.

We'll share some past game mods that were done to older games in a different section.(maybe some cheats and hacks too)

What? Don't give me that look. ;)

Gaming Nostalgia

Missing cool games.

A place to discus and reminisce on the days of floppy drives, LCD, and 8-bit uncolored graphics.

Perhaps we'll reach out and reconnect with old gaming buddies and MMO guildies from games we used to play.

They are all missed.

Game ON - Let's Play

Featured Game - Schooling Fish

This infinite side-scroller has you venture out as a small school of fish into the dangerous coral reef.

The game concept is quite simple:
Breath... Eat.... Don't get eaten by sharks.

Now this game, is not packed with features quite yet. What is nice about that, is there are no annoying advertisements!  It has vibrant 2d graphics, along with the regular things that make a game, a game. There is high-scoring, a player with multiple lives, a couple of bad guys, and some interesting game mechanics. It can actually be quite challenging for a simple idle-swiper.

The controls are click/drag on pc, or swipe on mobile - the most important part of the game is getting a feel for the controls. Your life depends on it!

This is a GameTapped exclusive, written by us using the Defold Game Engine.

It's... basically our first game as we venture into the world of video game development. The game is in it's alpha phase right now, and may or may not be released further. We feel that it needs refinement for a full release. But you can PLAY HERE, free, anytime. 

GameTapped Highest Rated

Most Fun To Play Free Games

Reviewed and Chosen by our Video Game Professionals

Schooling Fish by GameTapped
Current Top Game!
Cowboys vs Martians
Fox Adventurer
Fantasy Star Pinball
Coming Soon!

GameTapped Game Review System

Must Haves

  • Free to Play
  • Playable on Multiple Devices
  • Kid / Family Friendly Content

Bonus Points

  • Neurological connection while making in-game movements, causing real life twitching, jumping, tongue or lip biting, etc.
  • Creating vocal outbursts towards the game, either positive or negative.
  • Causing a weeping and gnashing of teeth when "game time" is over.


  1. General Game Mechanics
  2. Presentation of Audio and Imagery
  3. Ease of Understanding
  4. Intellectual Concepts
  5. Excitability and Engagement
  6. Addictiveness


Panel Of Judges

Judge JJ

JJ is just a beginner when it comes to video games, and his comprehension and motor skills are not yet fully developed. He is a quick learner though, and usually watches the other judges first, in order to understand the games. He favors dinosaurs, and chocolate milk.

Judge JC

JC enjoys playing video games, a lot - sometimes too much. He has been playing for a couple of years now when he is allowed. His motor skills and hand-eye coordination have greatly improved, and he is starting to learn to read (books). He favors building blocks, and things with wheels.

Judge Momma-J

They say that "momma don't play", but here at GameTapped that is not true. (Unless you mess with the other Judges) This judge does play videos games. Though she did adventure through Azeroth in her younger days - She now mostly enjoys puzzlers, hidden object games, and solitaire.

Judge Daddy-J

Each game will be reviewed by veteran gamer, Daddy-J, prior to being released to the other judges. He will observe the other judges, and ask questions about their game-play to determine how much fun they are having. The results will then be computed for ratings.

Game Comparison Algorithm

Our algorithm is extremely advanced.
We use a refined protocol of observation to determine the level of fun in each game.

All games are fun, to some extent. Each fun level is outlined below:

We can't disclose any more information about our algorithm.

Mission of Game Reviews

"I am always working on this or that, and feel like I do not spend enough time with my kids. They are excluded from it. I wanted to include them in something we could do together. Video games are fun, and can be educational - even for adults. We all just want to have some fun together, and learn new things along the way - that is our mission.

Top 5 Games Picks

Judge JJ

Game Title Rating
Item 1 Not enough data 5 Stars
Item 2
5 Stars
Item 3
4 Stars
Item 4
4 Stars
Item 5
4 Stars

Judge JC

Game Title Rating
Item 1 Not enough data 5 Stars
Item 2
5 Stars
Item 3
4 Stars
Item 4
4 Stars
Item 5
4 Stars

More Free Games to Play

They are ALL Good

Doctor Teeth
Soccer Madness
Color Pin
Blocky Warrior
Coming Soon!

It's the End of the WWW as We Know it

And I feel fine.

"www.GameTapped.com" does not exist - only GameTapped.com

You can still use whichever you like.

However, that's not really what's being referred to here. What it means is...
Between pandas, penguins, hummingbirds... other sites with dirty tricks, or money bags. We used to develop the www, but now we want to do games. Because games are fun.

But here we are... doing the www.

Mobile Gaming Still on the Rise

It's Better to Arrive Late, Than Not at All

You can usually(in the US) get a free phone when you sign up for cellular service. Yes, you have to pay extra for a fancy one with a half-eaten apple on it. Still, you can get a decent, capable device for free(or severely discounted) rather easily. There's also the option of a hand-me-down, when a family member upgrades.

While the gaming experience on these devices is limited, the ease of use and accessibility of the devices, make them a great platform for games.

HTML5 Pwns Adobe Flash and Unity Plugin

Goodbye Flash

The Adobe Flash plugin has always had glaring issues with security, and just, not working correctly in general - ever. Google signed the death of Flash by not including any support for it in their latest Chrome browsers.

While the Unity plugin allows a great interface to Unity games via web browser, we still decline having to download or install additional modules to play games online.

HTML5 is loosely cross-browser / cross-device compatibile with lots of support. The majority of modern and major browsers are "with it", and have embraced it as standard web technology. HTML5 makes sense for browser-based apps and games. We are keeping an eye on things like WebAssembly, and advances in Javascript.

We Need More Players!

We want to develop bigger and better things, but we need players! We also need time, experience, and new shoes.

Join Us:

  • If you want to become a player of our new games or mods that we develop in-house, and be part of our alpha testing group.
  • If you're an artist or programmer who wants to join our team and help with development.
  • If you want to sponsor monetary assistance in exchange for an advertisement position, some freelance work, or just to be nice.

Join Us @ GameTapped

Please use the other form. This one does not work yet.

App All The Things!

Hmm... Looks like that's already been done...

The only solution then, is to make new apps better than old apps, new games better than old games. Creativity, ingenuity, and ability to adapt - will bring success.

The ability to shape-shift helps a lot too.

(Initiating shape-shifting sequence)

 c2hhcGVzaGlmdGVy . init iiiiiii / ==emsuperscript   subscript  underlined for (;;) { ... } link.

Level 6

Level 5

Level 4

Level 3
Level 2
level 1

    // Due to quantum Zeno effect
    // level 0 is not visible.

(end shape-shifting sequence)

      \:.             .:/
         \             / 
 .--.--, / .':.   .':. \
/__:  /  | '::' . '::' |
   / /   |`.   ._.   .'|
  / /    |.'         '.|
 /___-_-,|.\  \   /  /.|
      // |''\.;   ;,/ '|
      `==|:=         =:|
         `.          .'
          `''       `''