Alexander pulls out his magic map.

Narrator, Kings Quest

Your map is currently blank. You are free to explore all regions in the world of games.

If you've stubled upon - there is not much to explore yet.

This website is in the begining phase of open public development.
There will soon be new pages, new pictures, and new games for you to interact with.

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It’s dangerous to go alone, take this!

Old Man, The Legend of Zelda

After speaking with search engines we have aged, a lot.
We now have the ability and knowledge to complete any game, as well as a really cool sword.

Do you remember when Google was just a search engine,
and the best place to get free games was

Funny how things change and advance... We have changed, and advanced!

Do you hear me?
Or am I all alone here?

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Building the future and keeping the past alive,
are one and the same thing.

Snake, Metal Gear Solid

There are many projects that consume our daily lives.
So, take it easy. Don't rush.

We build and maintain many
websites, apps, and games.

Here at GameTapped - we beleive in Snake.

Though, we would still enjoy seeing him
match up against Chuck Norris.

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Let's Do This!

Leeroy Jenkins, World of Warcraft

This is a motivational quote from a game-play video that went viral in the early WoW days.

Do you guys remember what happened to Leeroy and his party?

They all died.
Yea, and then Leeroy ate chicken.

I noticed you have chicken...
We have chicken too.